Need help building your investment portfolio?

That’s where the financial advisors at IHMVCU Investment Services steps in. From building wealth outside your income to financing retirement or education and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive financial guidance, a plan to address a specific goal or just some advice, we’re here to help.

IHMVCU Investment Services can help you with a range of solutions:



401(k) and retirement plan rollovers
529 and other educational savings plans
Advisory accounts
Brokerage accounts
Common stock
Government securities
Mutual funds
SIMPLE, SEP and other self-employed retirement plans
Tax advantaged investments
Tax deferred annuities

Financial planning

Financial planning

Comprehensive financial planning
Insurance analysis
Portfolio analysis and optimization
Retirement planning
Tax planning

Insurance & Wealth Transfer

Insurance & Wealth Transfer

Charitable giving strategies
Estate planning
Life Insurance
Long-term care

Things to consider

<p>You Would Rather Be...</p>

You Would Rather Be...

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<p>When Should You Take Social Security</p>

When Should You Take Social Security

Monthly Social Security payments differ substantially depending on when you start receiving benefits.
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<p>Universal Life Insurance</p>

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is permanent insurance with a flexible premium. Here's how it works.
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